My goal is happy customer!

Customer is the BOSS! The value of a business comes from its customers satisfaction...and my customers love my excellent deliverability, premium targeted list and dedicated personal attention. Solo Ads Are The Quickest and easiest Ways To Grow Your Sales/List. Why? Well...All experienced online marketers know that the best way to advertise is a Solo AD. [...]

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High Quality Traffic

70-80% subscribers from US, Canada, Australia New Zealand and  UK If you need premium traffic from top tier countries only, you are on the right place

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Top Tier Traffic

subscribers from US, Canada, Australia New Zealand and  UK only.... If you need premium traffic from top tier countries only, you are on the right place  

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Support for newbies

Free lead capture page service for those who require a capture page.  I also offer a landing page service for those who require costume capture page... The quality of a capture page will determine how many people will sign into our email news. The ratio between the number of people who have seen our “capture [...]

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Fresh List, Guarenteed Over-Delivery, Support For Newbies...

I Will Send Premium Traffic to Offers Like:

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Or similar offer, to your squeeze page (not an affiliate squeeze page). I also offer a lead capture page service for those who require custom capture page My list of subscribers are hungry to get products, new ideas & best of all new information on how to make money online!

My customers are happy and many have become repeat customers! See what my customers have to say about my Solo Service...

Mike Thomas - Mike from Mine Show
2 Sales "He is number 2 on my list of best solo ads this month"

Karen Bayley from New zeland -
"His list is realy hot, my page converted at 65,94%"

TJ Khara - Solo ads guru
I bought traffic from him a number of times... He is replenishing those list very well "
 "over 50% optin rate and keep getting sales"

Rick Nuske Entrepreneur from Australia
"Nino is one of the best that I hawe pleasure to working with... His traffic is fantastic"



Solo Ads Guru Paul De Sousa from United Kingdom
Likes my trafic



James Canzanella - Solo Ads Specialist
"60% optin"



Fabio Sgalbazzini from Switzerland
(MOBE Super Affiliate):
"500 Clicks, 2 Sales!"



Dave Rey
"Great results: 100 Clicks, 1 Sales!"



Rich Ciufo Solo Ads Specialis
"You delivered fast!"



Efrat Aharony
"Great service, quick response"



Ivan Jurgec
"Awesome 2FE sales"



Athanasios Attan Hatzikirkou - Trusted Solo Ads Vendor
"48% opt in Awesome"



Ojo Olusegun
(MOBE Super Affiliate):
"MTTB sale from 100 clicks - 50 optins..."



Jeff Visays
"Got 3 sales and 50% optin..."



Matija Balantic - Insane Solo Ads Vendor
"Hi traffic is awesone 45% optin..."



Matej Bester
"2 Sales Awesome traffic, 166.67% ROI"



Shahar Aziz
"52,83% conversion"




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Unique Clicks Only

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Unique Clicks Only

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-Send Transaction ID, Title, Ad Body & Link on FB or to:
semnino (ad)


Do you have questions at all your capture page, offer or solo ads in general? Please do get in touch.
I'd love to hear from you and talk some business.about!

Contact Info:
Nino Sem

email: semnino (ad)


Feel free to friend requested me, PM or email me with any questions or concerns at all...


LEGALLY REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to start sending traffic to the URL before the provisional date. Preferably you provide your swipe and I have the right to change it if it’s needed. Please keep your ad short and sweet. I'm not responsible for downtime or tech issues you may encounter with your business, hosting provider or server. This is completely beyond my control. You are responsible to make sure your site functioning properly. No refunds or credits will be issued on lost time due to such issues. Although many clients get good results from Solo AD mailings, I cannot guarantee results from using my service, as this largely depends on market demand for your product or service and your ability to write ads that create a desire for the product or service in the readers mind, and as such, I do Not offer refunds. I do however guarantee that your ad will reach the number of people ordered and remember I always over deliver…. I reserve the rights to refuse any offer that I feel is not appropriate or a good fit for my list. In this case you will receive a refund. If you are unsure, then please send your offer prior to ordering. And that also means no refunds! Unless, of course, I fail to deliver! If you are not 100% certain you want our services please do not purchase. *larger solos will be deliver within agreed period. Monthly Clicks Package will be sent out in period of one month (distributed over the month),


How I started

First, I got introduced to making money online business in beginning of 2011. I built my word press blog niche site and tried to earn some money with Google ad sense ads. Later I build my list and start selling solo ads. I'm successful solo ads premium vendor since 2013 with my own solo ads coaching program aboutninosemsoloads